Permian Basin Golf & Rv Resort

Let’s face it, Most RV Parks are just that....A place to park your RV and that's just about it. You need more than a place to PARK, You need a Place to LIVE. We at Permian Basin Golf and RV Resort understand that and go beyond just a place to PARK. We want to provide you somewhere to LIVE, Somewhere you can call HOME. Somewhere when the days job is done you can un-wind, Swim, play a round of Golf, have Dinner or just retire for the evening and get ready for the next's days challenges with a Quiet and Safe nights rest. We understand the limited time available after work and with that in mind we have somewhere you can relax, eat an find some entertainment on site for most of all, time savings in a time filled schedule. We invite you to make our home your home. We are located in Stanton, just 11 miles to the East, from the Loop 250 East Exit-Entrance on I-20 in Midland Texas. 

Beyond Your average RV Park

   Enjoy an afternoon with a Great Meal, Drinks, Round of Golf or just enjoy a Beautiful West Texas Sunset.

Where else in West Texas can you find a place to LIVE where you can find Great Meals, Entertainment,  (Golf, Tennis, Swimming or just Relax and do Laundry all at one location? We'll do your Laundry if you can't find the time trying to squeeze in 9 holes after work!!

Permian Basin Golf & RV Resort

The Golf Course is currently being remodeled with 6 new Greens being constructed. Any Guest can still practice and hit as many balls as they like for free.  Limited parts of the golf course are now open. You are welcome to come hit all the balls you want for free.
Permian Basin Golf & Rv Resort